from kitchen to cone, every scoop is the result of hard working, happy staff, strong local partnerships, sustainable practices, and of course, the finest ingredients we can source.

Our mission is to make the world better, one scoop at a time. The world is a big place, made smaller, we believe, by the act of sharing a sweet treat with someone you love. Our team works hard to create deliciousness by partnering with local farmers and producers — from jam-makers and beekeepers to cocoa importers and coffee roasters — to turn the best, freshest, most creative local flavors into truly outstanding ice cream. Our neighborhood shops are built to serve as community gathering places that are truly multi-generational.

And there are lots of other ways we can make the world better. We strive to be the raddest employer in our industry by providing free health care, paid leave and living wages. These benefits, along with our efforts to provide a sustainable, enjoyable workplace with opportunities to gain new skills, and advance personal as well as professional goals creates a healthier, more robust work force. We are out to prove that a financially, environmentally, and socially responsible business can be profitable and continue to grow.


  • We source 90% of our ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Buying from farmers in our community keeps dollars in our local economy, and it cuts down on the amount of fossil fuels needed to transport ingredients to our Seattle kitchens.
  • We donate more than 3,200 scoops of ice cream each year to raise money for local non-profits, support public school programs and treat food bank customers.
  • We take sustainability very seriously, so everything we use in the shops is 100% compostable: spoons, straws, pint containers & lids … even your milkshake cup!