our daily menu offers fourteen tempting flavors to satisfy every sweet tooth: ten “always” flavors that we churn year-round and four seasonal options that rotate with what’s fresh in the northwest.


An ice cream shop classic! To make this flavor we use organic strawberries from Viva Farms—an amazing farm incubator in our very own Skagit Valley. It has swirls and chunks of these locally grown strawberries plus a touch of organic vanilla extract.

Sweet Cream

This delicious and simple flavor highlights the purity of our local dairy with a touch of sugar and salt. We use fresh milk and cream from family-owned Smith Brother's Farms. This flavor pairs well with everything! 


Coffee ice cream is a staple, so why not tea ice cream?! We use organic and fair trade Earl Grey tea, steeped overnight in our sweet cream & milk.


We use organic maple extract to make a smooth maple ice cream base, and then fold in California-grown, organic walnuts.


Every year we buy thousands of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies directly from local scouts! The cookies get crushed and folded into mint ice cream made with extract from Washington-grown organic peppermint.

Stumptown Coffee

A sweet cappuccino taste in your cone! We use locally roasted, organic & fair trade Stumptown Coffee beans to cold infuse our sweet cream & milk with their bold, smooth flavor.


Inspired by the flavors of the Pacific Northwest, we use locally harvested wild honey and bits of organic lavender from Sequim, on the Olympic Peninsula.


Our salted caramel dares to be saltier than all the others! We use kosher sea salt and homemade caramel, made from organic, local cream and butter and non-GMO cane sugar.


Most chocolate ice creams are made using cocoa powder, but we use 70% dark, organic, fair trade Theo Chocolate. We melt the chocolate bars using a hot mixture of cream, milk and sugar and the result is a dense, extra fudgy chocolate ice cream unlike any other.

Cookie Dough

Paying homage to Hillary Rodham Clinton's award winning cookie recipe, this sweet and spicy ice cream has notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. It's also filled with cookie dough chunks made with old fashioned rolled oats and Theo Chocolate pieces! 

from kitchen to cone, every scoop is the result of hard working, happy staff, strong local partnerships, sustainable practices, and of course, the finest ingredients we can source. our menu