our daily menu offers fourteen tempting flavors to satisfy every sweet tooth: ten “always” flavors that we churn year-round and four seasonal options that rotate with what’s fresh in the northwest.

Chocolate Tahini Swirl

This flavor is rich, comforting, and the perfect pairing for the Fall season. We are a peanut-free company, so for this flavor we are using tahini to get us that nut-like taste. Our culinary team starts by making and spinning a tahini chocolate base and we finish each tub with swirling in a house-made tahini syrup, creating a rich ribbon throughout.

Vegan Horchata

Our culinary team makes rice milk in house - toasting organic rice before adding it to coconut milk to infuse overnight. Then they combine the infusion with our spice mix before spinning it into ice cream! We think it's comforting and packed with spice, perfect for rainy fall days.

Concord Grape Rosemary Sorbet

This flavor is simple, full of juicy grapes with hints of rosemary throughout. We used juice from North Coast Organics, who use organic concord grapes from the heart of wine country in Washington State. Just whole concord grapes, skins and all, fresh pressed, pasteurized and ready to go. We steep this delicious juice with organic rosemary to bring a slight herbal twist. 


This is a classic comforting flavor goes great with almost any kind of pie! We use organic Red Ape Cinnamon to make this delicious and complementary ice cream. 

from kitchen to cone, every scoop is the result of hard working, happy staff, strong local partnerships, sustainable practices, and of course, the finest ingredients we can source. our menu