molly moon's is dedicated to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion 

molly moon's mission is to make the world a better place one scoop at a time. we believe the world can only get better with dedication to social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. we’ve created an umbrella for our social justice work we are calling #icecreamforeveryone. through our recruitment and hiring practices, our operating and employment practices, as well as the ways that we give back to our community, we strive to create an atmosphere that values, respects, and welcomes everyone. we not only work hard to make our shops warm, inclusive, and diverse we also partner with as many organizations as we can that promote equity and help marginalized groups in our community. 

We view progress as an action word. In light of our continuing work toward inclusion and equity, below are descriptions of the work we have done and continue to do around equity and social justice, in somewhat chronological order…

#IceCreamForEveryone projects at molly moon’s 2008 - 2017

Great Jobs Strategy / Progressive Benefits
Molly opened her first Molly Moon’s shop in Wallingford in part to prove that a business that treated its employees exceptionally well could be impressively profitable. From the day the first shop opened we have offered 100% free health insurance to all employees working 20 or more hours per week. Starting wages at Molly Moon’s continue to be higher than the city’s minimum wage and total compensation packages are well above living wages in Seattle. We offer vested vacation, retirement, 12 weeks of paid family leave, subsidized ORCA passes and secure schedules posted in advance. Happy, healthy workers make our business stronger than most!

Community Activism 
Our founder Molly has been an activist advocating for worker’s rights in Seattle and Washington State since the day she became a business owner. Over the years, she has brought our leadership team to activism and lobbying tables at the city, state, and federal levels. Since 2008 Molly has advocated for healthcare reform that lead to the Affordable Care Act, Marriage Equality, Seattle’s Paid Safe and Sick Leave laws, Washington State’s increased minimum wage and guaranteed safe and sick leave and Seattle’s secure scheduling law. She most recently worked with organizations in Washington State to advocate for and successfully pass a paid family leave bill.

Charitable Giving to Food Justice, Equity and Community Organizations
Food insecurity disproportionately affects families of color. We established a nonprofit, the Anna Banana Milk Fund to raise money for food banks in need in our community. We now donate 1% of our sales or 10% of our profits, half of which goes to food banks. We work with food banks in each of our shop neighborhoods and provide funding to help ensure customers at those food banks have access to the fresh milk and dairy products they need. Many of our mooncrew donate directly from their paychecks to FamilyWorks, a foodbank across the street from our original shop. This year our employees personally donated more than $12,000! 

We also work closely with many community organizations that are doing important equity work. Some of these include Mary’s Place, The Economic Opportunity Institute, Families of Color Seattle and the NAACP. About 30% of our giving dollars go to these organizations.

Building Shops in More Diverse Communities
Molly Moon’s has shops in great neighborhoods around Seattle that we love and that have supported us and allowed us to grow. We’ve used our success over the years to contribute to our community in meaningful ways. Now we are growing into more diverse neighborhoods where our good jobs with great benefits can benefit a broader community. Our first shop in South Seattle opened in Columbia City this Spring. We are excited to be a part of this diverse community and have begun working with partners such as the Rainier Valley Food Bank, Families of Color Seattle and Friends of the Children.

Equity Audit
In 2016 we performed an equity audit on our company. Our external equity auditors examined our recruiting, hiring and employment policies and practices and the diversity of our current workforce. This audit taught us not only how much we are doing right, but also how we can become even more equitable in the years to come.

Diversity Recruitment Campaign — Now Hiring Optimists!
The number one recommendation resulting from our Equity Audit was that we increase the diversity of our job applicant pool. This year rather than only posting jobs on our website and relying on word-of-mouth, we hosted Molly Moon’s career days in each of our shops, inviting the community to meet our mooncrew, learn about our jobs and to apply then or acquire the materials and information to apply later. We reached out to a diverse array of 50 community organizations and advertising our hiring and career days through social media ads, community newspapers and radio. We wanted to become a more diverse workforce than the population of the city of Seattle, and we succeeded!

Increasing Equity in Our Hiring Practices
We have removed several barriers to our application process. We no longer require applications be submitted online.  Paper applications are available in all shops. We no longer require a cover letter and resume be submitted for scooper, ice cream maker or delivery driver positions. We are excited about hiring in a more inclusive, equitable way that also connects us more personally to our community!     

Equity Trainings & Policies
We send every member of the mooncrew through a full-day equity training, and provide additional equitable management trainings to all leadership and managers. These workshops help our teams recognize implicit and unconscious bias, improve our cultural competency, and provide accommodations and resources when we see a need. Our entire mooncrew handbook and our human resources policies are being strengthened by changes made due to our Equity Audit.

Employee Giving Campaign
Included in our program to give 1% of our company’s sales to food banks and other organizations furthering equity work, we reserve a portion of our donations to be made through a mooncrew vote. In 2016, our employees decided to donate to NW Immigrant Rights Project, Planned Parenthood, Oceti Sakowin Camp, Sacred Stone Camp and The Vera Project.

Pronoun Pins
One way we are being inclusive is by meeting a team request to make pronoun pins available to all employees and to expand our language to include trans, gender queer, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals using words that express respect for each person's identity. We provide these pins to any scooper who would like to wear one. Scoopers may choose to wear a pronoun pin for a number of reasons. They may be gender-nonconforming or transitioning their gender. They may be wearing a pin to show support for their colleagues, to raise awareness about gender identity or simply because they like it! These pins allow people to address our mooncrew by the pronouns they use themselves. We also provide postcards explaining pronoun pins and a bit about gender identity and inclusivity to any customer who asks. 

Collaborations with Artists & Chefs of Color
A huge part of how we express the molly moons’ brand is through art, design, and collaboration. We aim to collaborate with artists and chefs of color whenever possible and know how important it is to work with a diverse set of artists who represent various cultural backgrounds and perspectives that resonate with all of our customers.

Our Diversity and Equity Partners

  • The Breakfast Group
  • Casa Latina
  • City of Seattle
  • Compass Housing Alliance
  • Economic Opportunity Institute
  • Families of Color Seattle
  • FamilyWorks
  • Friends of the Children
  • Rainier Valley Food Bank
  • U District Food Bank
  • Jewish Family Services
  • Hopelink
  • Main Street Alliance
  • Mary’s Place
  • Mom’s Rising
  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Social Justice Fund
  • Washington Community Action Network
  • Working Washington
  • YouthForce of King County
  • Seattle Central College
  • South Seattle College
  • The Urban League
  • Career Bridge
  • Gender Justice League
  • Instawork
  • Work Force Washington
  • YMCA of Greater Seattle
  • Boys & Girls Club of King County
  • El Centro De La Raza
  • Asian Counseling and Referral Services
  • Seattle Young People’s Project
  • YearUp
  • WAPI Seattle
  • University of Washington
  • Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
  • Gay City
  • Lambert House
  • School’s Out Washington
  • SEED Seattle
  • Rainier Arts Center
  • Seattle University
  • Festal Cultural Festivals
  • Vera Project
  • KEXP
  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
  • 100K Opportunities Initiative 
from kitchen to cone, every scoop is the result of hard working, happy staff, strong local partnerships, sustainable practices, and of course, the finest ingredients we can source. our menu