a date in queen anne

This is the third installment in our Cheap Date, Sweet Date series! We've recruited a variety of Seattleites - our friends, neighbors and even some members of the #mooncrew - to show how combining a cheap, fun activity with a trip to the ice cream shop makes for the very best kind of date!

This date came about in a funny way ... over the summer we spotted a tweet from Seattleite and ice cream fan @vivianmarie: "#Seattle goals: To one day live within walking distance from a @mollymoon location." We tweeted back something along the lines of "Aw thanks, maybe someday soon!" and then Vivian surprised us and herself with this info:

"@mollymoon I realized that I actually do live within walking distance of the Molly Moon on Galer... I just have to walk up Queen Anne Ave!"

Our hilltop ice cream shop, is a bit of a hidden gem. So we asked Vivian and her boyfriend Bill to go exploring in Queen Anne and report back to us on the ultimate Cheap Date, Sweet Date in this charming neighborhood!

First course: a matinee at SIFF Cinema Uptown

"Since we both live in Lower Queen Anne, we met up at SIFF Cinema for a movie date," Vivian says. "After the film ended, we finished our popcorn and soda in the parklet outside and just chilled. It was a beautiful day!”

Second course: a walk up Queen Anne hill

“Our stroll included climbing the Kerry Park stairs, with a pit stop at the local free ‘library’ to check out eccentric reading material, and we spent some time daydreaming about living in one of those crazy beautiful craftsman homes."

Third course: ice cream & Kerry Park

“The hike up the hill wiped us out and we were ready for our reward: Molly Moon's! We sampled the seasonal flavors like we always do (concord grape, please!) and checked out all the cute Molly Moon’s apparel. With our ice cream in hand, we headed to Kerry Park to take in the stunning skyline and witnessed a surprise proposal – she said yes!”

Photography by Vivian Nguyen and Bill Baker.

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