vegan salted caramel

A few years ago our chefs were experimenting with some new vegan flavors, and found that many of our classic flavors are overpowered when made with coconut milk instead of cow's milk. But then! We tried making a vegan caramel sauce with organic coconut milk and non-GMO cane sugar. When we combined this homemade vegan caramel with kosher salt, the first bite or two was coconutty, but then the umami of the salt and caramel just takes over and the coconut takes a backseat. It's so delicious that vegans and dairy-lovers alike go crazy for it!

Oh, and don’t forget about our secret sundae: Molly’s Favorite Vegan! To make this sundae, we just add our favorite vegan toppings to vegan salted caramel ice cream: vegan cold chocolate sauce, candied hazelnuts, vegan coconut whip and a Chukar cherry. While this can be made with almost any vegan flavor, it’s especially delicious with vegan salted caramel because it has the same salty-sweet goodness as Molly's Favorite Sundae!

Now scooping through early January.

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