Salt Licorice

The summer after her freshman year in college, Molly worked at Goody’s, a soda fountain/candy shop in Boise, Idaho! One of their classic candies were little double salt black licorice pucks. Very few people bought them, but they became a fun way to welcome new hires—they would have to try them! When Molly was hired and was given one to eat, her reaction was different than most—she loved them! Her college bestie was an exchange student in Denmark who always had salty black licorice snacks that Molly grew to love! 

Our Salt Licorice flavor was inspired by these sweet, salty black licorice candies, but is made with organic star anise and sugar! 

This year for National Licorice Day on April 12th, we are making a limited run of 50 pints. These 50 pints will be available for sale at our Capitol Hill location only!  

We’ve also made special stickers for any Salt Lic fan who buys a pint of this quirky flavor!

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