Our Columbia City Shop

meet our columbia city mooncrew

Meet our Columbia City mooncrew! We are so excited about them, they did such a great job helping to open our newest shop on June 2nd and have been making us proud every day since. 

The two leaders of our 8th shop's team are Mara and Dan. We sat down with them to ask them more about their backgrounds, their passions and why they're excited to work for Molly Moon's in Columbia City!

Mara is our Columbia City Shop Manager. She was born and raised in Seattle's Central District. Her background includes over 20 years in the retail industry. She is looking forward to contributing to Molly Moon's mission and values and wants to be a part of setting an example for workforces all over Seattle. 

Mara is especially excited about being in Columbia City because as a youth she participated in sports right down the street at rainier play field and has really watched it shape itself into the vibrant mix it is today. Early in her career she helped her family start a chidlcare center just two blocks south of the Columbia City shop location.  "Expanding to the neighborhood means getting to spread some love in south Seattle," she says! 

Her favorite Molly Moon's flavor? She loves the seasonal flavors--and milkshakes! 

Her hobbies include supporting local youth sports and performance arts programs.  She's also calls herself a "basketball mom," if she's not watching a game she's most likely serving up concessions for the teams or recording footage for priceless memories.  

Dan is our Columbia City Kitchen Manager. He resides in Renton, WA, but came to us from California! His last position was as the executive pastry chef at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. 

Since joining the team he's really loved working with mooncrew that all have the same goal: to make people happy! He's most looking forward to being able to test and create new flavors of ice cream. 

Dan is excited about working in Columbia City because he says it has the small town feel, like where he grew up, and the business community is very involved and supportive of each other. 

As a kid, Dan would put Thin Mint cookies in the freezer before eating them--and Scout Mint is his favorite Molly Moon's flavor because it reminds him of that! 

One of his favorite hobbies is camping with his husband!

Thanks Mara and Dan! We're super excited to work with you and to get to know you and your teams even better!  

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