We are super excited to announce the launch of MOONCREW RECORDS, a record label within our company and for our mooncrew! This record label helps support musicians on our mooncrew. It allows for band's to apply for help in purchasing the band's record vinyl, and if signed we'll help market and promote their music. We'll also sell each record that comes out through MOONCREW RECORDS in our shops!   

Music has played a huge role in Molly Moon's since the very beginning! Here's some background about why music is so important to our company:

Molly began her career as an activist in the music industry, as the founding executive director of the political non-profit Music for America. She worked with hundreds of bands to register their fans to vote and to turn those voters out for progressive candidates and initiatives. When she left to open Molly Moon’s she took her passion for music and working with artists with her, and makes music and supporting local artists a priority in her company!

Some of the ways music plays a role in Molly Moon’s: Each shop’s mooncrew create and play their own playlists for customers. Local bands have played at shop openings or in shops for record release events. We partner closely with local radio station KEXP. We donate a portion of our giving budget to KEXP, the Vera Project and other musical arts organizations. We’ve also collaborated with Adam Zacks (creator of Sasquatch Musical Festival) to make a signature Sasquatch flavor and deliver it each summer to Sasquatch artists. We sponsor musical festivals like Sasquatch, Timber and Concerts at the Mural. We’ve sponsored local music videos and record launches. 

Music has played such a strong role in Molly Moon’s culture. It is something that really adds to our company while at the same time allows us to empower local artists and help them grow! We have tons of musicians on our mooncrew, and we are excited to be able to support them in this way. We are so proud to launch MOONCREW RECORDS and to announce our first artist! 

Our very first MOONCREW RECORD band is Cataldo! It's led by our longtime mooncrew member, North Area Manager, Eric Anderson! Congratulations Eric, we're so excited to be a part of Cataldo's new record Keepers!  

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