the derschang group & our new apparel

Chances are good that if you live in Seattle, you’ve imbibed (or enjoyed a burger, or perhaps some caramelized cauliflower) at one of Linda Derschang’s six neighborhood hang-out spots: Linda's Tavern, Smith, Oddfellows Cafe+Bar, Bait Shop, and Tallulah's on Capitol Hill and King's Hardware in Ballard.

Linda and her team work just upstairs from our Capitol Hill shop and headquarters, so we all see each other during afternoon coffee breaks at Oddfellows Café, and we do yoga together on Thursday afternoons! So we knew the cool girls of the Derschang Group should be the first to wear our cute, new molly moon's gear that hit the shops last month.

Linda herself has played such a huge role in the culture of Capitol Hill. She's become known for the design aesthetic of all her bars and restaurants, and her personal style is always the stuff of sartorial dreams.

Her office is pretty spectacular too, and it made a gorgeous backdrop for our photo shoot. The shoot soon turned into more of an easy hangout session. The models ate ice cream and James, our photographer/marketing director chatted with the Derschang ladies about everything from Mad Max to the pursuit of advanced style.

Big thanks to Linda, Shenandoah, Jihee and Julia for taking time out of their busy days to model for us! (These ladies have lots on their plate right now ... we are so excited for Little Oddfellows to open inside Elliott Bay Book Company this summer!)

get the look!

Linda and Julia's "darkness and chaos" pullover
Shenandoah's Parker Posey tee
Jihee's ice cream sweatshirt

molly moon's wood bead necklace (Jihee is rocking it as a bracelet!)

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