Springtime: What's In Store

Happy first week week of spring! Here's a preview of what delicious seasonal flavors we have coming this spring:

  • salt licorice
  • strawberry rhubard sorbet
  • rhubarb crisp
  • cali lime pie
  • vegan strawberry
  • original RGB sorbet
  • sasquatch
  • spring berry goat for-yo
  • strawberry sorbet

These flavors will roll out over the next three months. When a new flavor hits the shops, we’ll post it right away! Be sure to follow us so you know when to come grab a scoop of your fave flavor! 

Oh, and don't forget to download our spring flavor preview for your favorite screen!

widescreen (iMac, 60", Dell laptop)
midsize (MacBook, including retina)
old school (4:3 ratio)

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