Cookies to Camp Winners

Thank you to the 165 girl scouts who submitted incredible essays to our inaugural Cookies to Camp contest! Our team was truly blown away by the stories, hopes, dreams and joy shared with us. 

It makes us so happy to know that there are so many girls in our community who are considerate, caring, courageous and strong. We think it’s awesome that you are living the Girl Scout Law, and we’d encourage you to continue dreaming big and making the world a better place!

Congratulations to the winners: Althea Kerrick (Troop 45297), Alexia Glasgow (Troop 41645), Elise Soper (Troop 41274), Genevieve Nance (Troop 41579), Eloise Ashworth (Troop 44282), and Anya Wright (Troop 44282). We're so excited to send you to your first overnight Girl Scouts camp!

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