Anna & World Milk Day

hey friends,

anna, my little sister, was SO into milk. when i was little, no matter how much money we did or didn’t have, we always had fresh milk to drink. anna & i always felt thankful for that — and drank a TON of milk as kids. anna grew up into an amazingly generous young woman, and would be so proud of what the Milk Fund is turning into. the Milk Fund actually does soothe the pain of her loss for me.

that was especially true last fall when i got to meet a family with a four year old son who had lost their apartment and spent months being homeless, moving from hotel rooms to their car to riding the bus at night to keep their son and themselves out of the cold. FamilyWorks, across from our Wallingford shop, is where they went to get food to eat and bus passes and hotel vouchers and eventually helped hooked them up with permanent housing. and the milk in the FamilyWorks food bank is what kept their little guy nourished and feeling like life was a little bit normal when he could just have a bowl of cereal in the mornings. the Milk Fund made that possible.

today would be a great day to go to a molly moon’s & donate to the anna banana milk fund. and if you can’t get to a shop today, would you please consider donating here?

thank you in advance for helping us raise Milk Fund money today — in our effort to make it so EVERY kid has fresh milk or cheese or yogurt at home.  

lots of love, molly

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