An Ice Cream Family

Loyal customers Nicole, Noah and baby Ira tell us their Molly Moon's story

Meet this sweet Molly Moon's family fan club, Nicole, Noah and baby Ira! 

These two parents are die hard Molly Moon’s fans. Nicole started coming here regularly when she moved to Capitol Hill, and Noah has been getting pints for his home for years. This month they estimate they’ve visited at least ten times! 

They live on Capitol Hill, but are moving to West Seattle and are devastated there isn’t a Molly Moon's location there. 

"One of the best things about the shop, you can smell waffle cone wafting in the air in the surrounding blocks," Noah says.  

Nicole used to walked here regularly while pregnant with Ira to get her Scout Mint with hot fudge. Noah loves the cookie dough, he’s also a super fan of the sprinkles and loves their “perfect crunch.” 

An even sweeter story, they got married over the summer in the water tower in Volunteer Park. Afterwards they, and their whole wedding party walked down to Molly Moon’s for an after-wedding treat of sundaes and ice cream! 

And when Nicole was feeling down after having Ira, Alex, our U Village kitchen manager brought over pints of Molly Moon’s to cheer her up! Now that is one of Nicole’s best memories--friends gathered around her, eating ice cream and crying about how beautiful her baby boy was! 

We love hearing these adorable, heart-warming customer stories! And these are some of the reasons we opened our ice cream shop, to bring everyday joy into the lives of our neighbors and to be a multigenerational gathering place that makes people happy and creates amazing memories! 

Thank you Nicole, Noah and Ira! We hope you keep visiting us, even when you're in your new neighborhood! 

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